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"You killed again and I am the one who put you into the position
where you had to make that kind of choice"

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 ” She was all put together, kinda she is are now; her hair all done up, makeup glistening, this beautiful gown, and the she’s wearing these dirty old pair of Converse sneakers. And that image kind of stuck with me. It sort of really represents who she is, to me. You’re like a dirty old show, Scarlett.” - Jeremy Renner on the first time he met Scarlett Johansson

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"I was very shy when I was younger. But I did have a terrible temperament. I would get angry very quickly, but the rest of the time I was this big goofball, playing the drums in a band and making out with girls."

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Anonymous asked: you are the cutest omg i'm gonna die







Usually when people do that “you’re special” crap I tend to roll my eyes.

But when Mister Rogers said it…


That’s because Mister Rogers meant it.

Mister Rogers genuinely cared about everyone and that’s why he will forever be the best. All of my feels.

True fact: He was considered to be one of the hardest people to interview, because he would turn it around and ask questions about the interviewer with genuine interest. Asking about their children and spouses, their dreams of the future, etc.

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